Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally... Cxllxxn created this blog for me...

Hello.. I got a my own blog because of my dear colleague. Thank you yah!

Hahaha.. She can not "TAHAN" me already. Just because I always said will scold this and that thru blog... but I never have any initiative to create a blog..

TALK only but never DO..

Then.. Now suddenly "MONG CHA CHA" become blogger liao oh..

Aiyah.. My dear friend, I writting no good mah.. many mistake.. vocabulary oso very poor leh..

Very "PAI SEH" 1 mah.. How to write?

Hope I will not " Heat for 3 minutes" only..

God bless me


Mei Wah said...

wah... finally got your own blog already! so proud of you! (but i force you to create you own blog, cos i dont want you to misuse my blog to scold some people) hahahaha... =) anyhow... CONGRATULATION on your new blog! kekekeke... and i am the first one to post comment!

Jen Fon said...

yalah..yalah.. but dun worry! i will use ur blog scold ppl 1.. SHOCK mah..:p

Keith said...

Jen fon, I love the look of your blog.... I only can read english posts, but it is fun to look at