Sunday, April 13, 2008

NEW Baju

I really boring with my blog's outlook. Thought wanna give her a beautiful dresses, BUT is really very hard to find a pretty one.

I just stick on the computer there searching for her. May be I am very STUPID in all things related to PC, until now also can't get it.. Actually I found some but can't upload successfully only.. Somehow I will try my best!!! "Gambateh" :)

Haha.. XXX !! Don't said that I am using your blog scolded people oh.. If that LIM is really " Cheep bye ", I dare to write something about him once again over here, ok?

Ooops.. why you are so rude? Girl girl.. cannot talk like that, know? Pretty girls cannot act like tat!!

Hohoho.. lucky I am not pretty and please check the meanings of "CHEEP" and "BYE" from dictionary.. Is it brings any harm to him? NO!! Definitely NO!!

This is his NICK NAME created by Ms. XXX.. Is really creative!! Good job..


Mei Wah said...

wahhh... until now unable to find the right baju for your baby ar? aiyar... work harder... sure got wan...

no harm scolding people if he's really worth scolding. if he's really that irritating, just scold ler! it will sure make yourself happier!

liebevoll_yijin said...

hi jenfon,
i came here to see see...